PowerPoint + word file for expleation about powerpoint. It is PRESENTATION!!

PowerPoint + word file for expleation about powerpoint.


and i will present.

permissibility of illicit substances such as heroin, meth, cocaine, etc based on the idea of freedom of individual rights

Legalization of drugs

Describe moral issue – provide 2 or more examples (hypothetical or real)
Overdoses (negative)
Personal liberty (positive)
Isolate value at stake – identify explicit moral considerations
Cause of suffering to user
Cause of harm to society
Violation of autonomy
Argument basis
Deontology vs utilitarianism OR
pro vs con/permissible vs not permissible | is pro argument utilitarian or deontology

Based off of example presentation

Impacts –
possible increase in misuse – increase in access will make easier to misuse in uneducated population
Opens opportunity to increase educational opportunities rather than demonize
lowered jailing leading to less cost to society – statistics of people in jail for drugs, cost to taxpayers
Ethical considerations
Suffering and harm to others – death, broken families
Autonomy and freedom of choice –
Question of responsibility – if legalized, how will we judge responsibility
Deontology – normative principles of do not harm, and prevent harm
Obliged to prevent harm by placing restrictions on substances that pose health risks or addictive natures
Do not harm – stop the sales or distribution of drugs even Tylenol & Adderall for their potentially harmful side effects
Utilitarian – identify actions that can create good out of the use or legalization of drugs
pleasurable experiences
education on drugs rather than demonizing them

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