Please reply to the highlighted questions. 

Please reply to the highlighted questions.


Hi Class,


After reading the brief autobiographical discussion about Jim, and the issues that he raised in terms of his inability to have a satisfying relationship, and his feelings about being a “failure since high school,” the first theory area that came to mind for me was that of social-cognitive.   As the text discusses in chapter 1, the social cognitive perspective looks at how people develop based on reciprocal interactions and the role of self-regulation (Cervone & Pervin, 2013).  As a social psychologist, this area is obviously of great interest to me, and I can see how Jim would fall into this perspective.


For me, I can see how Jim is constantly looking at his successes and failures, and is judging his behavior and actions based on what has happened.  I am attaching a link to an article by Bandura that I think does a great job of talking about the role of self-regulation in terms of social cognitive theory:


After reading the article and thinking about Jim in terms of this perspective, what comments do you all have?  How do you see the role of self-regulation potentially playing a role in terms of his behavior and actions?



Cervone, P. & Pervin, L. (2013). Personality: Theory and Research (12th ed.).  Hoboken, NJ: Wiley

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