Please Answers essay #4 and #5. from 200 to 300 words. Please put details and examples as much as possible

Please Answers essay #4 and #5. from 200 to 300 words. Please put details and examples as much as possible.

And for Essay #2 and #3 chose ONLY ONE OF THEM !!. They need more details and examples than previous essays.

So in general you will write 3 essays. Please make sure these are really good essay it’s Exam essays.

It’s Due Tuesday May 2.

4. How does virtue theory differ from the other two normative theories we studied? One of the reasons that virtue theory is often said to be more attractive than deontology is because of how it has a spiritual element, and can motivate the agent to be good. Explain how these are two features that are lacking in deontological theory. Do you find the criticisms against deontological systems forceful? Does an agent need personal motivation to do the right thing, or is it just a necessary evil we should accept?

5. One of the main criticisms of Kantian theory relates to the absolutism of moral principles or laws. The criticism is tied to a thought experiment set in 1940s Europe. It tells us to think about cases in which certain of Kant’s laws should be overridden by other moral considerations, but this is not a possibility with perfect duties. Explain this criticism, and how the example works to show us the untenable nature of absolute law. What types of laws are a suitable alternative, and fit with our intuitions about the example.

2. There are two different varieties of deontological theory that we discussed this semester. Identify these two varieties, and then provide a detailed analysis of the differences of the theories. Do these two theories agree about what the right action is in every set of circumstances, or do they disagree? Why?

3. In many instances, the actions prescribed by utilitarianism are at odds with certain moral concepts or intuitions. Explain this criticism of utilitarian theory using an example. What types os actions that are prescribed by the theory are difficult for us to swallow? Why are these difficult actions, and what does this mean for utilitarian theory?

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