Please and please, read through the instructions of this assignment before

Please and please, read through the instructions of this assignment before start and the two chapters in question is attached; please, read the chapters and choose a question from each chapter.

Take Home: Application Essays

1.      Chapter 10: for 3 point choose ONE of the following:


a.       Name someone (famous or not) that you believe would be classified at the self-actualization level of Maslow’s Need Hierarchy. Support your choice with 3 characteristics or behaviors that exemplify that level.


b.      State your general attribution style (internal/external, stable/unstable, controllable /uncontrollable). Explain how this style has affected your motivation and performance in some aspect of your life (academics, work, relationships, athletics, music, art, etc)


c.       Using the Expectancy – Valence model formula for motivation (M= Ps X Is), explain a major choice you have made (college choice, college major, relationship, career, etc). Be specific in labeling the Ps and Is.


2.      Chapter 12: for 3 points, choose ONE of the following and describe the least restrictive environment you would recommend and 2 specific adaptations you would create to accommodate the needs of this student in your classroom.


a.       A16 year-old boy with autism, nonverbal, aggressive to self and others.

b.      An 8-year-old girl with severe hearing impairment, I.Q. of 87.

c.       A 14-year-old boy with Cerebral Palsy (uses wheelchair, limited use of hands, average I.Q.)

d.      A 5-year-old boy with ADHD and average I.Q.

e.       A 12 year-old gifted girl with an I.Q. of 140

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