Please a answer the highlited section in 300 word PARAGRAPH… No Plagiarism or grammor errors

Please a answer the highlited section in 300 word PARAGRAPH… No Plagiarism or grammor errors. It is based of the case study of bess which is posted at the bottom. This is a very simple assignment.


Use your selected case which is OCD study to explain why cognitive behavorial approch would be appropriate in the field of clinical psychology and provide the following:


Case Study is OCD.

Cognitive behavorial  Aprraoch is the treatment


  • The rationale for selecting Cognitive behavorial approach  for the intervention
  • What would be done with Cognitive behavorial approach for OCD
  • Who would be involved with Cognitive behavorial approach for OCD
  • In what setting the intervention would occur with Cognitive behavorial approach for OCD
  • Which area is Cognitive behavorial approach  targeting, such as biological, psychological, or social factors pertaining to OCD


The Case Study of Bess

  • Bess was a 27- year old upper middle class women
  • she lived alone in an apartment in the city and had few friends
  • she is a perfectionist and an accountant at a manufacturing firm
  • she often takes sleeping pills or drinks alcohol to fall asleep quickly
  •  raised by a single mother
  • divorced parents
  • mother was always nagging and searching for ways to better oneself
  • mother was very strict about cleanliness and neatness and would nag when things weren’t to her standards
  • as a child told mother she felt unhappiness, mother dismissed this and asked how she could be unhappy when she loved her so much
  • very good in school
  • mother was very religious, Bess constantly worried weather she was saved or if she was a sinner, to avoid these thoughts she’d through herself into her school work.
  • as she became older Bess was intruded by unwanted sexual thoughts
  • in attempt to rid herself of these thoughts she would do jig-saw puzzles
  • when Bess was a senior in high school she became pregnant and mother forced her to have an abortion
  • as she grew older she became anxious about dating, having kids and getting married so she dedicated herself to her job
  • Bess would sometimes feel contaminated so she went through the routine of laying her clothes down on specific parts of the bed then taking a shower using several different washcloths
  • she would do this 4 or 5 times a day until she felt the contamination was gone
  • when Bess could no longer do her job anymore (the only thing in life that satisfied her) she began to see a therapist
  • she went to a cognitive behavioral therapist
  • he had her raise her hand when she felt obsessed and he would yell stop
  • later he gave her a small box that she could use to slightly shock her when she had an obsession or compulsion and she would yell stop
  • eventually Bess learned she could control her thoughts and began to think more positively than negatively

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