Pick one person among the 3 faiths and describe one key event or teaching that makes them stand out and why.

Compare and Contrast


Pick one person among the 3 faiths and describe one key event or teaching that makes them stand out and why.


Pick the writings of one of the following: O.T. Jewish; or, O.T and N.T for Christianity; or Quran. And tell me what they believe for salvation. Then critique your view on it as to it being true or not.

So you may either do a paper of 1000 words (4 pages).  Or, you may do a PowerPoint presentation of 6 slides, with details in the note section, critiquing the topic there.

Remember, I want a ‘critique’ of your views and not just description, whichever method you present. I want your judgments to the best position that should be taken.

That would include your opinion in an introductory paragraph or the first slide that states your purpose for your choice, your thesis view (overall judgment of your topic, and areas that will be addressed).



Have a purpose statement: what do you intend to achieve with your selection.

Have a thesis comment, also known, as your judgment on the topic; that is to say, your viewpoint. If contrasting two faiths, which stands out and impressed you the most.

List your supporting evidence, or areas that will be addressed that support your thesis view. Do not tackle a broad topic but narrow it down.

The paper should have a thesis comment and just the areas that will be addressed. No need to amplify in the introductory element. The paper intro needs to include some idea of your topic when you submit it.

The paper should have transitional elements that are important and include some ‘certificate of origin’ indicating your work.


Describe your content. Use it only to form the basis a critique on each key idea. What is your view of it; does it support your overall, thesis. Do you agree or disagree and why? It may even be wise to use the term, ‘ critique’ in a paragraph or two as a sub header in your paper. This is important. I want your view and not just a bunch of information describing the paper.

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