Philosophy 33 – Comparative World Religions Fall 2016 Exam #3

Philosophy 33 – Comparative World Religions Fall 2016

Exam #3

DO NOT USE THE INTERNET TO RESEARCH THESE QUESTIONS. Anything cited or downloaded from the internet will be considered plagiarism. See syllabus for penalties for plagiarism.

Choose one topic for your essay (approximately 4 pages, double spaced).

1)  “What lifted the Jews from obscurity to permanent religious greatness was their passion for meaning.” Explain this statement by referring to at least four of the following concepts: God, history, creation, human existence, Messianism, morality, justice, suffering.

2)  Explain the following statement: “The life of Jesus, his teachings and his ministry, as well as the mission of the early Church must be understood in light of ‘Spirit’ and its attendant power.”

3)  Explain the following theological concepts of Islam: God, creation, the human self and the Day of Judgment. How do these concepts parallel or differ from similar concepts


in Judaism and Christianity?

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