Persuasion and power assignment A brief essay discussing the elements of persuasion and power

Persuasion and power assignment

A brief essay discussing the elements of persuasion and power

Answer and discuss the following questions and topics below. Put in essay format and should be at least 500 words. You do not need to cite references. Remember to use the Women pronoun”

  • The elements of persuasion are the communicator, the audience, the message, and the means of communication. Identify a time you were persuaded to buy, do, or believe something, and explain how each element of persuasion was used.
  • Power is the ability to influence, and it comes in many forms:
  1. Legitimate power comes from the pecking order. Legitimate power can be limited, because subordinates sometimes comply without really agreeing.
  2. Reward power comes from the ability to write a paycheck or give attention and affection.
  3. Expert power comes from having the answers.
  4. Coercive power comes from threats. Coercive power can invite undermining.
  5. Charismatic power comes from being likeable. Charismatic leaders cultivate power that is internalized, so their agenda as well as their enthusiasm can get a lot of momentum. Charismatic power is the most persuasive because it comes from an internal process.
  6. Dormant power is any of the above if unused. Dormant power can yield resentment.

Identify and describe the type of power you use in your personal life and the type of power you have used at work. Is there another type of power that would be more effective in any of those situations? Why or why not?


  • Have you ever been persuaded by a family member, a salesperson, a coworker, a friend, or an intimate partner to do something you did not want to do? What do you think allows a person go against his or her better judgment? What feelings are created when you give in to pressure? How do you feel when you have successfully resisted persuasion?

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