Personal, thoughtful, well-written letters have a significant impact on lawmakers

Personal, thoughtful, well-written letters have a significant impact on lawmakers, especially when the letters are from their constituents. Here are the four most important things to remember when writing elected representatives


Identify who your state legislator is and how to contact that person by checking

1. Tell them you’re a concerned parent, educator, or citizen.If you live in their district, tell him or her how long you have been a constituent.
2. Tell them what you support or oppose. Focus on the key points.
3. Explain the local impact.
4. Be clear about the action you want them to take.

More letter-writing tips:

1. Keep the letter short, no more than one side of a single page.
2. Properly address the legislator.
3. Talk about a few key points that you strongly support or oppose.  Select a few of the points that appeal to you about a particular issue (needs to be related to a human development topic)
4. Support your key messages with fact – use Utah facts
5. Express your point of view and explain why the legislator should support your position; but don’t get personal, never threaten, and never be offensive.

3 pages MLA

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