Over the period of twentieth century, America has undergone a cultural

Over the period of twentieth century, America has undergone a cultural· revision and so has its traditional values and attitudes towards sex. This is clearly vindicated through the openness and various forms of discussions carried out at all levels. No longer do we face any intricacy while discussing sex whereas a hundred years ago, “polite” people never used to talk about it. Nowadays, all mediums of communication explicitly display sexual content in different forms.

With this changing world comes a widely prevalent real-time sex activity conducted amongst several Internet users around the world, “The Cybersex,” where two people remotely connect for the purpose of sexual pleasure. For some cybersex users, this provides a fascinating experience over the Internet whereas for some, it has become an addiction.

 express your views on the following: this is not a report but short answering these 6 questions

  • Is there any commonly accepted definition of natural sexual behavior? Why or Why not?
  • Is there a conclusive definition of “normal” sexual behavior and does this definition of normal get affected by man’s perceptions and social factors?
  • What are the factors influencing sexual behavior in the times we live in?
  • How does the mass media portray sexuality? What is the role of the media in establishing culture norms on sexuality?
  • Based on your understanding of the topic, discuss how various forms of advertisements depicts sexuality? To what level are you and your classmates affected by the media’s presentation of sex?
  • When examining sexuality, do we make value judgments? Why or why not? Do our opinions, biases, and stereotypes cloud our assessment skills? Why or why not?

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