n1) What is meant by a “technical solution” to a problem?

n1) What is meant by a “technical solution” to a problem? How does he describe the “population problem?“

n2) What is Hardin’s opinion about technical solutions to the population problem?

n3) What limited resource underlies the “trade off” between population and goods?

¨Note: in nature the criterion for “selection” is Reproductive Success, not Survival.

¨Note: today many prosperous countries now have a zero or even negative growth rate.

n4) What is the mathematical logic behind the tragedy of the commons. Who gets what payoffs?
5) What is the role of “denial” in the tragedy of the commons?

n6) What do you think are the “commons” in cattle ranching, fishing, and parks that Hardin is concerned about. What do you think will happen if “nature takes its course.“

n7) In what way does Hardin argue that the pollution problem is a consequence of population?

n8) What is Hardin’s opinion of administrative laws and bureaucratic administrators?

n9) What do you  think Hardin means by “welfare state?” What problems or controversies could you see arising from DENYING the validity of the Universal Declaration of Human rights.

n10) What does Hardin say about appeals to conscience, guilt, or a system of voluntary taxation? How does this relate to his attitude towards the word “coersion?“

¨Note: The double bind is no longer thought to be related to Schizophrenia.

n11) What is the solution to the “tragedy of the commons” according to Hardin?

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