My topic will be Psychology and spiritua Spiritualty and Mental Health

My topic will be Psychology and spiritua

Spiritualty and Mental Health




This article shows that mental health and religion can enhance the lives of those who part take and the combined forces of mental health and spirituality as they will bring a positive impact to a person’s mental and spiritual life. The article is called Spiritualty and Higher Education it details the positive benefits of spirituality in your life as early as a teenager and throughout life.  There are many fine points, but with any article there will be positives and negatives sides of the story.




The strengths and the weakness:


The article has a lot of positive information that details the benefit of spirituality in one’s life when it comes to peace of mind along with good mental health service it states that as you are coming of age spirituality will enhance your life, it is best to start when you are younger to gain the full benefits as spirituality becomes a part of your life you will grow into it with full positivity and a bright mental life.


There are many ways to find spirituality through the many different religions in this world, such as Christianity which this article seems to mostly speak of by the comments made when speaking of Dr. Martin Luther King or the fact that it could lead to a clean life absent from smoking cigarettes, and the use of drugs.


The negative side of this is that everyone does not practice religion so this article may not help everyone who reads it because of the many different religions across the world many may find the words of this article offensive therefore may not continue to read it.


This is the negative side of an article like this there are many different religions in this world that may share the Sam view point is many Christians such as myself do as with any article a person may read at still may have a positive impact on your life it all depends on how open a person can be when it comes to religion.


Do the article speaks to each other this is just one article on the topic.


This article has more positive than negative, and does not show the tales of two story therefore the reader who may look for the opposite side of religion and mental health may not find it here and will be disappointed. There are facts in this article that states that researcher has found that those who do not seek spirituality may do harm to their selves by smoking, and drinking which


Then may lead to mental health issues in their lives. Does this mean the article speaks to each subject in regards to each subject?  It does at some point but not much on the negative side of spirituality   and mental health. Also, an article like this speaks to the readers about the positive side of spirituality and religion the readers will find a good information that can help the mentally as well as spiritual.




What does the evidence tell us?


The evidence shows that religion and mental health can work together to in better the lives of those who chose to take a chance with their chosen religion it also states that through meditation and prayer that a person can have a drug free life along with a healthier life with the absent of alcohol and cigarettes. The article sands frim on it belief as it implies that the writer may also be a strong Christian or believe in spirituality in his, or her own way.


Is there another possible explanation you can think of? Based on what you have read, what is? 


Here’s my hypothesis spirituality and mental health has a lot to do with each other, the mind is connected to the sprit is connected to the mind as we grow our mind needs to expend on what we feel is true and what is real to me is that Jesus is Lord and created the body with a living soul, and sin came in the world to make us sick in many ways and mental health sickness is just one


Way our bodies and minds suffers so we have a way out which is Christ with a lot of mental health sessions one can began to heal and live as normal as they can. Mediation and prayer is also key in the way we heal. So, the findings are right but it should have had more for those who do not believe in spirituality and mental health can work.




To Refine the Question:


  The question could ask form both sides of the topic by asking or imputing the negative side more into the article you could say what affects does mental health has on Spirituality and how it means something different to each reader because we all don’t sever the same God or religion so this can have an impact on society when it comes to mental health and spiritualty 










The Psychology of the Matter:


The facts are that some believe that spirituality has nothing to do with mental health, as a matter of fact some who are famous for their theories believed that a person who believe in spirituality had to be insane. as this took me further into the research the next article is title The Psychology of spirituality. It speaks of spirituality is man-made which in fact some are and can lead to a very evil way of living (Stephen. A Diamond Ph.D. evils 2016}




The article is just the opposite of the first article I choose this to show that writers indeed believe that spirituality and mental health has nothing to do with each other. The writer state these words that religion is all about tradition and provides, language, structure and symbolism that leads to structure of a spiritual life and experience the article even speaks of Freud reignition, that religion is neurotic and sometime psychotic way of denying or avoiding a primal reality or existence’s one refuses to except their responsibility this shows us about, thoughts, feelings, and desires and more.


This is so far from my first subject but could help some understand that it’s a person’s choice of how we believe and what means that we choses to help those in society who suffers from mental health. The article details the other side of a positive way to   a healthy way of mental health living. (Stephen. A Diamond Ph.D. evils 2016}
















As both article had Positive and negative to say  the negative  sides to both are very true and that man made religion can be  deceiving to society and to yourself the article  about psychology of spirituality can teach a person to be aware of those who can use dogma to control your beliefs and lead you down a dark path while this is true there can be a light it the end of the tunnel which is the mental health side of the subject that could combine spirituality  and mental health services to help a person live a health life mind body and soul. As I end this study both article has a side to them that can help or teach the readers about psychology and mental health intriguing the mind as it did mine.




this is part of my work you need to reviwe this pice and build on it using a carry it over with new information on  the subject sprituality  and mental health






The purpose of this assignment is to provide you with the opportunity to select a topic in the particular area in which you have an occupational or research interest, and to complete a literature review of the topic, using a minimum of ten scholarly references. This will allow you to demonstrate mastery of the program outcomes for the B.A. psychology program at Argosy University. A helpful Web site for organizing and writing a literature review is


You may also want to review the following documents that are available in the Doc Sharing area of the course:


  • A sample literature review,
  • a PowerPoint document illustrating how to set up your word processor for APA style
  • a “Guide for Writing a Literature Review”


Based on your review of the most recent, relevant research findings on your chosen topic, submit a final version of your literature review paper, integrating feedback received from your instructor. Be sure to include a research/focal question, synthesis of the literature you reviewed, well-established conclusions, and points of discussion and/or future research.


  • Begin the review by defining the objective of the paper. Introduce the reader to your focal question. What is this question intended to address? You may state your “question” in the form of a problem if you like. Describe the topic for your literature review and why you chose this topic. Explain why you think it is important. It is also useful to tell the reader how the review is organized in your introduction section, before you the transition into the body of the review.


  • Organize your literature review paper by themes/theories/concepts, rather than article by article. If there is one major theme you want to highlight, state the theme. If there are three major themes or streams of thought on the topic, briefly name them—and then organize the balance of your literature review around those three streams. Think of themes, theories, concepts, lines of thought, and ideas as organizing strategies for your literature review. Your creativity in this assignment is not the content or findings but the clarity with which you organize the review and create a context for understanding the focal question.


  • When you are done introducing the first line of thought, create a new paragraph to discuss studies which present another line of thought or opposing view.


  • Your literature review should hit the high points of each article. You should not discuss a single article, one by one, like a grocery list. Zero in on the main theme or finding and then move on to the next theme. Remember, this is a synthesis, an integration of all the things you have learned. You are creating a discussion on paper, which in turn gives the reader a context for understanding where the scholarship has been, where it is currently, and where it likely will be heading next. Provide enough details to help the reader understand the significance of the studies you cite without “rebuilding Rome.” Be sure to evaluate the studies and offer critical comments on any shortcomings you’ve observed or that have been reported by the authors.


  • Discuss the main findings and their implications. Given the results of your literature review, what is/are the prevailing argument(s)? What research question could you ask in order to further develop this area of study and contribute to the existing body of knowledge? Complete your review by drawing conclusions about your body of research and identifying gaps in the research which still remain to be explored, maybe even by you! Make an argument as to why your research question is important and relevant to the current work being done on your topic.




Apply current APA standards for editorial style, expression of ideas, and formatting of the text, headings, citations, and references. Remember to use your own words to describe and evaluate the articles. Avoid quoting the material and also cite works when you are discussing someone else’s ideas. Your paper should be double-spaced and in 12 point, Times New Roman font with normal one-inch margins, written in APA style, and free of typographical and grammatical errors. It should include a title page with a running head, an abstract and a reference page. The body of the paper should be no less than 5–6 pages in length.

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