My famous Psychologist that I chose is Kenneth Clark.

  •  My famous Psychologist that I chose is Kenneth Clark.

For this assignment, you will deliver an oral presentation on a psychologist who has made a significant contribution to the field of clinical psychology.  The purpose is to give a brief sketch of the psychologist , with the goal of everyone coming away from your presentation with a good understanding of why he or she is important.  Thus, in order to give a good presentation, you will have do some research.  Get to know your famous psychologist!

Some Questions That You Might Address In Your Presentation:

–When was your psychologist active?  Is he a “historical figure,” or is he still active in the field?

–Where did your psychologist go to graduate school?

–Where does your psychologist work?

–How productive is your psychologist?  Approximately how many books or articles has she publish?

–What area is your psychologist most famous for?  Is his name associated with a particular clinical disorder, system of psychotherapy, or political issue?

–Can you give us a quote or an excerpt from the psychologist’s work that seems to summarize her point of view or professional interests?

–Can you give us some personal details about your psychologist?  Does she have a dog?  Is he married?  Any hobbies?

–Be prepared to answer a question or two.

Some Tips On Where To Find Information:

–Search databases like Psych Articles, Psych Info, and Pub Med for articles by the psychologist.  This will tell you what his area is, give you and idea of how productive he is, and his professional address when the article was published.

–See if she has published any book by checking and the Library.

–Actually READ something they wrote!

–If you can find a current professional address, like a department of psychology at a university, go to their website.  This is often a great place to get information on individual faculty members within the department.

–Do a web search on your psychologist.  You might stumble upon an interview with your psychologist, or a website that summarizes some of their work.

Presentation Tips:

–Get organized.  Make some overheads, or put together a Power Point presentation.

–Be prepared.  Practice and rehearse in front of a mirror, or in front of others.

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