Must be a substantive response. Please further conversation

Must be a substantive response. Please further conversation.

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Erica Branch

9:16 AM

Proper consent is extremely imperative in the healthcare industry. It is not only unethical to perform any type of medical treatment or procedure without patient consent, but it is illegal. Informed consent, implied consent, verbal consent, and written consent are the various types of consent in healthcare.

Informed Consent: the patient is given a clear and complete understanding of the treatment or care they are about to receive and to help the patient make the right decision regarding their healthcare. An example is the patient has read over the consent form and all information regarding the treatment or procedure has been disclosed. Informed consent must be given willingly and not under pressure.

Implied Consent: Understanding and following the healthcare professional’s directions during routine procedures. An example would be extending your arm so a lab technician can take blood for lab work.

Verbal Consent: When the patient gives verbal consent to receive treatment. An example is when you verbally give permission to receive any form of medical treatment.

Written Consent: When the patient gives written consent for a medical treatment or procedure with high risk factors. An example would be if a patient has to have surgery. The healthcare provider has an obligation to explain the risks and benefits of the procedure to the patient as well as gaining written consent from the patient before performing the surgery.

I worked in the healthcare field as a X-ray technologist and a Detox Coordinator. My work required me to get consent form every patient. Exposing people to radiation and controlling heroin requires both informed and written consent.


ACT Government (2020). Informed Consent. Retrieved from

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