Master students must make 8 notes on 3-4 different days.

Master students must make 8 notes on 3-4 different days.


Must use log in information to access website.


If you do not meet the required 8 posts for the entire week, each missing post is a 5-point deduction.


Please ensure that you understand the participation post requirements that are outlined in the instructor policy document. First, this New Classeoom permits all students the freedom to create participation posts on topics that interest you, rather than forcing you to respond to required, pre-created questions on topics that bore you.

Now, since this is a 600-level class, we have reached the second highest level of rigor expectations here at the university. The next highest level of course work is 700-level classes and that is for doctorate programs.
This 600-level class permits your opinions to be shared, but all opinions and ideas in posts must be backed up and supported with academic content in this graduate course. It’s mentioned in the instructor policy document and is a policy I do ensure is upheld.

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