M7A1: Effects of Stress on Memory

  • M7A1: Effects of Stress on Memory



1. Access the link above.

2. Read “what is the #1 cause of forgetting” on page 1.

3. Complete the following exercises on page 1: “Test your memory -1/Test your memory -2/Test your memory -3”

4. Do you agree/disagree with the prediction pattern of your results on page 2.

5. Write a one-page, reflection paper in which you relate this learning activity to some of the concepts covered in chapter 12 of our textbook about memory and forgetting.

6. Submit your paper as Word document file to the M7A1 Dropbox.

7. Support your paper with key references using APA Style.

*Choose an article you found that applies operant conditioning to psychological phenomena. Include in your discussion a summary of the article. Also include a discussion of how operant conditioning is applied to the phenomena you chose. 2-3 pages APA format.

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