Literature Review Paper – Step 3 Introduction and APA-style-formatted references

Literature Review Paper – Step 3

Introduction and APA-style-formatted references

For this assignment, you will begin putting together your paper with a focus on APA style by submitting a partial draft. Turn in a single file that includes the title page, followed by the blank page reserved for the abstract (to be added later), followed by the completed introduction section, followed by the space for the body of the paper, followed by the completed APA style reference list. This list should include all sources that you intend to include in your review paper at this time.


The introduction section should contain an overview of your topic/purpose and prepare readers for the detailed literature review that follows. The importance of the topic should be made clear from the introduction. Any key terms or variables that are introduced should be defined (if needed) in the introduction section. The introduction can be multiple paragraphs and will typically provide a written outline to your reader of what will follow in the rest of the paper. With only 4 key references for this paper, it will be common to cite all 4 of your articles in your introduction in some way. Please use parenthetical and in-text citations in accordance with APA style as you introduce ideas and concepts that are referenced from your sources. Writers do not typically refer to article titles in the text of the paper, but refer to articles by their author(s) and year. You can and should cite multiple sources in a single parenthetical if statements are made that draw from multiple sources. If you take this approach, order them in the parenthetical citation similar to the Reference list, alphabetically by first author.

Your introduction should also be in symmetry with your actual paper in terms of the order of concepts/themes. FYI – APA style heads the introduction section with the Title of YOUR paper, not the word, “Introduction.” Finally, after you finish writing your complete paper, make sure you revisit your introduction to ensure that it is still in symmetry with your paper content and edit as needed before submitting your final paper at the end of this course.


Submit an APA-style-formatted list of the four key references (peer-reviewed, journal articles) that you intend to cite in your paper. Please ensure you are meeting the reference requirement of citing at least two primary research sources. If you have supplementary references that you are using to bolster support for your topic/purpose (commonly used in an introduction section, for example), please include those in your reference list as well.  Completing this step is required before proceeding to the next step, creating the virtual poster. Note: You may also need to add additional citations (for example, indirect references) after you finish writing your paper, and that is okay. Include all known/intended sources in your reference list at this time.

Refer to the APA Manual for guidance on APA style reference citations (available for purchase or on hold for reference at most libraries). It is recommended that students obtain a copy for themselves to use throughout this graduate program.

You will be graded on how well you follow the APA style for this assignment. Make sure to follow the correct order and punctuation. You will receive feedback if edits are needed, but please put forth your best efforts upon first submission to maximize your score on this assignment and to practice/learn APA style reference citing methods. Here are a few pointers as a quick reference. This list is not all-inclusive.

• The reference records on your list are in alphabetical order by first author’s last name.

o IMPORTANT: Never change the order of the authors on a paper. The first author is the first author for a reason.

• Initials are used for first and middle names. Do not spell out the first name.

• Only the first word of the article title is capitalized and any proper nouns, if applicable.

o This is commonly referred to as sentence case.

• The Journal Name is in Title case (all major words are capitalized), and both the Journal Name and the volume # are in Italics.

• Vol., no. and p. are not spelled out. Use just the numbers.

• ALL electronically sourced references will include a DOI (digital object identifier) at the end of the reference list or a direct linking URL for ease of reference retrieval for your reader

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