Licensure and Certification For this assignment, complete the following:

Licensure and Certification

For this assignment, complete the following:

  1. Review the state laws and regulations relating to the practice of counseling for your specialization. Within these regulations, locate the specific areas relating to:
    • Internship requirements (this may include the fieldwork internship you complete during your degree program as well as any post-degree internship hours that you may need to collect).
    • Supervision (who can function as a supervisor in your state and what are the requirements for being a supervisor).
    • Licensing/certification (requirements and application process).
    • Continuing education requirements for licensed/credentialed counselors (how many hours will you need and how often).
    • Information about the grounds for suspension or revocation of a license (list 3 specific things that can get you into trouble in your state).
  2. As you discuss and summarize your state laws and regulations relating to these five areas of practice, please be sure include the specific legal codes. For example: the Ohio Revised Code (ORC) #4757-13 discusses the licensing of counselors. Your discussion should be written in your own words. Address how these laws impact the licensing process and counseling professionals in general.
  3. Articulate specific strategies for remaining current of all revisions and amendments to state laws that regulate and impact credentialing, certification, and licensing of counseling professionals. Include steps needed to implement the strategy with the support of at least one peer reviewed journal article.

This is New York State Licensure Requirements


State Credentialing and Licensure


Top of Form

In order to become a mental health counselor in New York with a Licensure, there are a variety of standards that is required. First, one will need to have a qualifying education from an accredited program.  Second, one must pass the exam scores, and a background check that the Board considers indicative of good character. Third, one will also need to fullfil supervision requirements under standards set by the state of New York. However, while fulfilling the supervision requirement, one will have to work under a limited permit.


· Education: Master’s or Doctoral degree in counselling that is accredited by CACREP and consist of 60 semester hours.

· Child abuse: Training is required

· Supervision: 3000 of supervised hours of which 1500 hours must be direct client contact. The remaining 1500 hours must be activities like case management, record keeping, and research. In addition to the above requirements, one will need training in identifying and reporting child abuse.

· Exam: one will need to take the National Clinical Mental Health Counselor Examination (NCMHCE).

· Application: the application will include questions concerning your education, fitness, immigration status, and child support status.

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