Leadership can be defined as the art of motivating and inspiring people to a common purpose

Defining Greatness

Leadership can be defined as the art of motivating and inspiring people to a common purpose. Strategic leadership further defines this principle by focusing on specific, intentional, measurable objectives that emerge from mission, strategy, and logistics (our MSL model/strategic leadership cycle). Strategic leaders move their organizations to be extraordinary.

How can an organization define its greatness? It can likely do so in almost anyway that it chooses, perhaps by reaching the one-billion dollar sales mark or by owning a certain market share. An organization’s definition of what it means to be great or to be extraordinary usually connects to its mission (why it exists) and how well it meets its mission. How the leader of the organization motivates and inspires his or her people to achieve the mission is part of the strategic component of strategic leadership.

Select one of the following organizations:

· Apple

· McDonald’s

· Target

· Google

· Starbucks

· Southwest Airlines

· eBay

· Amazon

· Coca Cola

· You may also select another organization with approval of the instructor

It is preferable that no more than two class members create an initial post using the same organizational selection.

Provide a brief (1–2 paragraphs) description of the organization and its current leader.

Additionally, discuss any one of the following bullet point questions (addressing all items in the bullet point you select).

· Analyze the factors that make the CEO (or top leader) of your selected organization a strategic leader. Alternatively, if the leader is not strategic, analyze the factors that support that conclusion.

· Evaluate the reasons why the leader might be described as great, or good, or some other descriptor. If the leader is not considered great, what behaviors might elevate his/her leadership to the next level?

· How does the organization define its leadership model (e.g., on web pages or organizational publications)? What key words are evident in organizational materials that might reveal its approach to leadership? Evaluate how the model and key words connect to strategic leadership.

· Discuss the methods used by the leader to inspire members of the organization to achieve the organizational mission. How do those methods relate to the leadership theories discussed in this week’s lecture? Based on your analysis, which theory seems to most fit the leader?

· Evaluate the measurable objectives that the organization uses to determine whether it is great or extraordinary. If those measures exist, analyze whether the organization is achieving greatness. If those measures don’t exist, what measures might be used to determine greatness for the organization?

The final paragraph (three or four sentences) of your initial post should summarize the one or two key points that you are making in your initial response.

Note: Select a different bullet point section than what your classmates have already posted so that we can engage several discussions on relevant topics. If all of the bullet points have been addressed, then you may begin to re-use the bullet points with the expectation that varied responses continue.

Your posting should be the equivalent of 1 page (500 words) in length and provide references to support your initial post.

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