Kaplan University:  Psychology / Applied Behavior Analysis PS499: Bachelors Capstone Course in Psychology

Kaplan University:  Psychology / Applied Behavior Analysis

PS499: Bachelors Capstone Course in Psychology


One original discussion post and two replies.



   The student is required to answer the questions below to make a new discussion post, then make a reply comment to two other student’s posts. So, one new original post, and two reply comments (one comment about Student 1’s post, and one comment about Student 2’s post).



1 Original post 300-400 words. 2 references. APA format.

2 Reply comments 100-150 words each.


Discussion questions:

Technology has certainly made our lives more convenient in a number of ways. However, along with technological advances come concerns about issues like security and reduced interpersonal skills. Explain how you could use contemporary technology in your work with clients in your concentration (Applied Behavior Analysis). For example, you could consider how technology is used to:

·                   store and organize records

·                   maintain confidentiality, such as preventing access to client files

·                   screen for symptoms of psychological disorders

·                   advertise your services

·                   conduct therapy and meetings in non-traditional settings, such as through email or videoconferencing

Next, explain what ethical issues you must consider when using this technology. For example, are there risks to confidentiality or of misuse?



Please see the attached references to be used for this assignment:

Pier, C., Austin, D., Klein, B., Mitchell, J., Schattner, P., Ciechomski, L., …Wade, V. (2008). A controlled trial of internet-based cognitive-behavioural therapy for panic disorder with face-to-face support from a general practitioner or email support from a psychologist. Mental Health In Family Medicine5(1), 29–39.

Smolyansky, B. H., Stark, L. J., Pendley, J., Robins, P. M., & Price, K. (2013). Confidentiality and electronic medical records for behavioral health records: The experience of pediatric psychologists at four children’s hospitals. Clinical Practice In Pediatric Psychology1(1), 18–27.

Yaakop, A. (2013). Like it or not: Issue of credibility in Facebook advertising. Asian Social Science9(3), 154–163.



Student 1’s post (Thomas) :

Hello Professor and class

On one hand, I find contemporary technology to be a major plus and on the other hand it can sometimes be a minus within my field of psychology. Digitally storing my client’s records will keep me organized and less apt to lose part of their files. On the other hand, I’ve got to stay on guard when it comes to hackers because they might try to break into my digitally stored records in hopes of obtaining a client’s file. Sessions in non-traditional settings is another great plus. In today’s time my client and I could conduct our session over a videoconference if the client isn’t able to make it to the office. The minus when it comes to non-traditional settings would be e-mailing. I say this with the thoughts of, what if somebody steals my clients phone? What if I think I’m conducting a session with my client but it is actually someone else? Staying in touch with my colleagues and being able to find out about more effective methods is also a great plus. A minus would be trying to screen a client’s symptoms because most of the time the internet is misleading.



Student 2’s post (Renae) :

Professor and class,

In my current job I have ten kids in my caseload.  Each one has to be charted on in the computer, including their personal information, parents information, and siblings.  By charting, I mean, every week I must enter information that the weeks curriculum entailed and what we did during our time.  On top of this I have to enter goals that I have set with the families, and what steps they have taken towards their goals.  Each child also has to go through a screening process upon their initial visit.  If there is any developmental problems, I must consult with my Early On colleague.  My computer has passwords on it, also all my file cabinets have locks on them.

This process, with computers, is actually very helpful in my job and helps with time management.  There is some grey areas also that need to be considered.  Some of my families will text or use social media messages to get a hold of me or me of them.  This is a contemporary way.  What is often overlooked by this practice is that there is a significant risk to client privacy, as most text services are not encrypted and do not have the protection necessary to keep these communications private (Groshong & Phillips, 2015).  This is a risk, although my supervisor is on board with this practice.  Many of my families don’t have phones, but have social media and wifi or prefer to text.  No confidential information is passed during these transitions.  It only includes reminders about appointments or if they need to cancel.



Groshong, Laura & Phillips, David (2015). The Impact of Electronic Communication on Confidentiality in Clinical Social Work Practice.  Clinical Social Work Journal 43.2.

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