It will be a thorough review and discussion of a disorder which you chose

It will be a thorough review and discussion of a disorder which you chose from the list below when completing your Week 3 Paper Preparation assignment. It is important to note that this is not simply a summary review paper. You will be using the required scholarly literature to support a discussion of specific areas, as outlined below, within the topic that you chose. The paper will consist of a literature review and discussion of the current treatments for your selected topic. The body of the paper will be 8 – 10 pages in length, not including the title, abstract and reference pages and the annotated bibliography. At least 6 scholarly sources should be used.  The paper’s focus will be a selected disorder from the list below.  enlightened This topic must be the same as the one you selected for your Paper Preparation assignment.


The Week 7 Course Paper will include the following:  A title page in APA format    The following paper body required subheadings and content.  History:  A brief tracing of the history of our identification and knowledge of the disorder (a paragraph or two).  Epigenetic Causes: A detailed explanation of the epigenetic (genetic and environmental) etiology (cause) of the chosen topic (one to two pages).  Symptoms and treatments: A detailed discussion of the symptoms and treatments of the chosen disorder (two to four pages).  Evaluation: A critical evaluation and summation of three current (no older than five years) research articles on the chosen topic (one to two pages).  Synthesis: A brief synthesis and conclusion of the material presented (one page).

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