Is Morality Relative?   1.     What is Ethnocentrism

 Is Morality Relative?


1.     What is Ethnocentrism‌?


2.     Moral relativists argue that, since cultures and people differ, cultural standards are equally valid and equally trueIs this true or not and why?


3.     Does Moral relativism offer the advantages of encouraging  open mindedness and tolerance?


4.     What does Science deals with? What does ethics deals with?


5.     What is Moral relativism is due to?


6.     Are there no absolute standards in morality?


7.     Morals are based on our personal feelings about right and wrong while ethnocentrism is based on what we have been taught. Explain.


8.     What is moral relativism?


9.     Since there are no absolute or universal moral principles/values, should one suspend all judgments with respect to behaviors and actions of people from different cultures?


10. According to an emotivist, it is inappropriate to say that a moral utterance is true or false; it does, however, make sense to say that only about matters of fact.


1.      What criterion does a proponent of Utilitarianism use when judging                 human behaviors and actions?


2.      Who is the founder of the Utilitarianist school of thought?



 3.      Who is the second most important utilitarianist philosopher after the             founder of this school of thought?



 4.      Which philosopher promoted the theory called “Ideal Utilitarianism”?



 5.      what is it that Torbjörn argue against the theory of                                           Utilitarianism?



 6.      What is the basic maxim upon which “Utilitarianism” rests?



 7.      What is the major criticism leveled at the theory of Utilitarianism?




8.       In your lightened opinion, does the end justify the means?

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