Interview with a counselor: Each student must interview an appropriate

Interview with a counselor: Each student must interview an appropriate practicing counselor that is in concert with the student’s desired area in which to work after graduation.  This should include a community college counselor, an area vocational school counselor or a college counselor.


Submit in APA format.




The interview should center on the counselor’s activities in providing career information, assessment, and career counseling. The complete process should be highlighted. This interview should be submitted as a word document.




Outline for Interview Project.


  1. What are the job responsibilities?
  2. What are the primary duties?
  3. What are the requirements for the job?
  4. Why are they a counselor?  How did they come to choose this profession?
  5. What are some of the issues students face and what services are available to the students for help?
  6. Talk about the frustrations and rewards of the work
  7. Talk about the day to day activities of working with students on career issues, what theory they ascribe too, what assessment processes are used and do they become familiar and stay current with regard to career development practices for their students.


These are just suggestions, but it might help you with a starting point.

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