Instructions: Here is one of those unique opportunities to listen to a theorist

Instructions: Here is one of those unique opportunities to listen to a theorist that we are studying discuss his own work. Please watch the following interview of Dr. Rollo May: As you watch, please attend to his comments on the following (in order of appearance). Your assignment is to answer the following 8 discussion questions and upload your answers. Please enumerate your answers and do not copy and paste the questions in any format into your uploaded document.

(min 3) 1) What is the distinction between medical clinical psychology and existentialist ‘clinical’ psychology? In what ways is existentialist psych. unique (e.g., anxiety, guilt, struggle, etc.)?

(min 4) 2) What is the usefulness of anxiety to creativity?

(min 6) 3) What is the importance of freedom to anxiety and, thus, to creativity (In your opinion, is the lack of freedom the reason that ‘slaves’ are not anxious?)

(min 7) 4) What is the difference between happiness and joy?

(min 8) 5) What are banal pleasures? To what/Why are they problematic?

(min 9-11) 6) What does Dr. May suggest are the markers of the ‘end of a period/when an age is dying’? Why might large numbers of therapists in a society mark the end of that society?

(min 15) 7) What is philosophy and why is it important to engage in it?

(min 18-) 8) Dr. May makes some profound statements about ‘new age movements’, ‘religions’, and cults. Do you notice any similarities or dissimilarities between his words and our current society? Explain and provide examples.

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