Instructions: Complete “Management: Self-Assessment” located on the McGraw

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Paper


  • Instructions: Complete “Management: Self-Assessment” located on the McGraw-Hill website; then compose a GCU style paper (750-1000 words), describing your Emotional Intelligence (EQ). findings. Being aware of what emotional responses look like and its importance when interacting in social settings.  Compare and contrast your EQ to someone you interact with. Please include 3 to 4 references from the readings and videos this week to support your ideas. Use appropriate citation and referencing. Address the following in your paper:


1.      Complete the stress self-assessment located on the McGraw-Hill website


2.      Address the following in your paper:


·         How can we be “in check” with our emotions?  What are some consequences of not being “in check” with our emotions? What are some strategies for managing our emotions?  How do we ensure that our emotional state is appropriate when interacting with our family, friends, significant others, and peers?


·         Compare and contrast your EQ results to someone you interact with? How does this impact your relationship with that individual?

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