Instructions – Case Study Outline, Initial Video Response, and Video Replies

  • Instructions – Case Study Outline, Initial Video Response, and Video Replies
  1. Read the following case study.
  2. Complete the Case Study Outline.
  3. Your Case Study Outline should be attached as a Word .doc file (.doc, .docx) .

Case Study Outline

1. Background information and Socio-cultural considerations.

2. Assessment (assessment methods must be consistent with the theory you have read for this week’s assignments, video clips or theory mentioned in the vignette).

3. Treatment plans, must list 3 treatment goals that follow logical problem solving.

4. Interventions (Interventions must be consistent from theory/ theories you are using for the case study) include collateral stakeholders as part of the interventions as needed.

5. Discuss future research that may be needed.

Please refer to your Case Study Rubric for your outline for your submission. Please be concise.

Week 5 Case Study: Structural/Experiential (Minuchin/Whitaker, Satir)

Blended Family Case Study- Tanya
Tanya, is a 16 year old African American adolescent, was admitted to a psychiatric emergency services late one evening for attempting suicide by taking an overdose of medication. Tanya was groggy, unresponsive, and unable to report what she had ingested. Her 18 year old boyfriend, Marlon, had rushed her to the hospital after finding her semiconscious on the floor of her family’s living room.
Marlon was able to supply some information about Tanya’s background and recent history to the admitting nurse. Shortly after the recent death of her mother, Tanya had moved from the rural South to an urban industrial city in the San Francisco Bay area. She had moved in with her Father, Elijah and his second wife, Karen, and two younger half– sisters, Kemora, aged 8, and Keyante, age 10. Marlon reported that Tanya had been very unhappy with the transition from a small southern town where she had a close network of friends and relatives to a large metropolitan area where everything was strange and unfamiliar to her. She had transferred to a local high school but had been put back a grade because she was unable to do the work in the 11th grade. Tanya complained that the other students made fun of her accent, her clothes, and her classroom behaviors, she hated to go to school. She also missed her church choir, her part-time job, and all of her friends. Furthermore, Tanya had also complained that her stepmother expected her to babysit with her younger half-sisters and made her clean and cook after school, so she couldn’t work anywhere else. Her father seemed distant and preoccupied with financial problems, and she felt very isolated and lonely.
In recent weeks, Tanya had complained to her boyfriend about headaches, stomachaches and insomnia. She had gone to the family doctor, who had prescribed some tranquilizer pills for her, but they only made her feel worse. According to the boyfriend, Tanya sometimes seemed very angry, got in to screaming matches with her stepmother, was very irritable with him and frequently stated that her life was a mess.
Her boyfriend was worried that Tanya may have accidentally taken too many of the tranquilizers after her father had said he couldn’t afford to send Tanya to visit her hometown relatives during her spring vacation. During the 48 hours following her admittance to the hospital, Tanya’s condition stabilized, and she confirmed much of this information in the psychiatric evaluation that was conducted before she was released from the hospital.
Include developmental issues, clinical issues and sociocultural issues. Total should be 2-3 pages, be concise, assessment and treatment goals must be from a Structural Family or Experiential model.
The determination of an effective/needs development case study is guided by whether it is both data driven and makes logical sense, rather than how many isolated elements are found to be effective.

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