Instructions After reading the assigned chapters this week, please, do the following


After reading the assigned chapters this week, please, do the following:

Step 1

1. Select a recent incident of school violence, e.g. Sandy Hook, Columbine, Northern Illinois University, Virginia Tech, and the very recent ones, including Texas school shooting, etc.. You will need to read up news and other information sources, including expert analyses regarding these events to familiarize yourself with the context.

2. Now imagine that you are a crisis mental health worker who has responded to the crisis in the two days following the event. You have met an individual that was/is directly affected by the situation (it could be a surviving student, a parent, a teacher, etc).

3. Select a Crisis Intervention Model (from any of these presented in your text)  and explain how you would utilize it to work with your client. Be thorough in your responses and outline each step of the model you have selected. Your discussion must be grounded in the material from your text).

Your response should begin with a brief outline of the crisis context in which you are working,  i.e., what has happened? You should provide demographic information for your client so I know who your client is and how the crisis situation affected them.

You may use the following outline to help you with this exercise:

Therapist Name:  ________________________________________________   Date: __________________

Client Name: __________________________________________ Age: _________________ Gender: ______________

Presenting Problem

Conceptualization per Crisis Intervention Model




Treatment Goals




Treatment Plan




James, R. K. (2013). Crisis intervention strategies (7th ed.) Pacific Grove, CA: Brooks/ Cole Publishing.

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