In your discussion post discuss various topics related to a cultural

Discussion 1

In your discussion post discuss various topics related to a cultural, psychological, and spiritual components in care of a patient. Please do not use previous course work. Include evidence base practice- what does the literature tell us we should be doing. What Health promotion would you discuss and advocate for. 

 Give examples from your practice. How have you utilized cultural, psychological and spiritual components in your patient’s care. If you are not working in practice at the moment – look back to your previous clinical experiences.  

Use 2 scholarly resources (peer reviewed journal). Please do not ever use the dictionary or web sites  like Web MD,theseare not scholarly sources   

Word count 500

Correct APA, grammar and spelling.

Discussion 2

A  Health promotion topic in greater detail. Discuss how your health promotion topic is influenced by developmental variations such as age.

For example healthy people 2030, addressing tobacco consumption, childhood obesity, stroke awareness – there are many . You can see the connection between childhood obesity as a developmental variation as it occurs in childhood.  When you look at smoking what group or groups of people does this affect?  Can you see the connection between mental health and smoking? & also older generation of adults smoke? why  wouldthis occur?  I think about how the older generation of adults did not know all the bad consequences of smoking. Young adults/ children’ today get education to prevent them from smoking. My children’s in middle school had to take a health education course where they learned about smoking and drugs. 

2. Address how you will apply the broad learning outcomes / course learning outcomes in your practice. ( These were listed in discussion post one and on your syllabus) .

Please reach out to the professor if you need assistance.

500 word minimum

Use of two peer reviewed  articles ( minimum)

correct APA

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