In this short answer assignment, you’ll discuss how the topic of your news story

Discussion 1

In this short answer assignment, you’ll discuss how the topic of your news story and the question you decided to focus on are important to you personally, as well as how they’re important to society. I upload the project 2 you did.(Describing evidence) and SCI 100 Module Seven Short Answer Guideline and Rubric.

Discussion 2

In this activity, you’ll practice putting together a slide that could be used in a presentation. I have uploaded SCI Module Seven Activity Guideline and Rubric.

Discussion 3


When responding to the two peers’ posts below, explain why you agree or disagree with their point of view. Thinking about what you have learned about our obligations as citizens, describe why it is important for citizens to be informed about the science behind this issue. Consider what information you would want to have if you were making a decision about this issue, and when not knowing enough might lead to a poor outcome.

Yveline post

When it comes to climate change you hear it enough from both groups. The politician always uses climate change whenever they are running for office. They know that this is a topic that is discussed worldwide either by those who believe in it or not. In any debate you can expect a question about climate change.
The media then depending which political party they agree with will then try to use. With all the wildfire happening in California the political party that believes in climate change are using it prove their point. They use both the event and what science has been talking about. Both media and politicians influence the direction climate change research is happening. When you take the president, depending who is in charge the budget for climate research changes. That alone lets us know how far the research will go.

Virginia post

The side I hear most about from politicians and the media when it comes to climate change is global warming in the US. It’s already happening with the temperatures climbing, severe droughts, and wildfires occurring more frequently, rainfall patterns shifting, glaciers melting, and the global mean sea level rising. To alleviate global climate change, we must reduce or prevent emissions linked to human activities (Climate change is one of the biggest challenges of our times, 2020). I believe it could influence the direction in which climate change is heading because the current administration has progressed to dismantle protections that limit global warming pollution from power plants, cars and trucks, and other sources. They have also teamed up with several different activists to uphold and strengthen these climate protections and have already provided some solutions. For instance, they’re aiming to make all new car sales electric by 2035. They also support the fossil fuel divestment movement, reducing and eliminating carbon pollution, and dismantling protections that limit pollution from power plants, cars, and trucks, and other sources. All these strategies will help create a greener and healthier world.

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