In response to peers’ posts, state whether you agree or disagree with the thematic connection

In response to peers’ posts, state whether you agree or disagree with the thematic connection your classmates identified and explain your answer. Additionally, discuss any other shared themes you note in the two works they chose.

Harley post

My two works include Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.

In both of these works, they have obstacles and circumstances of the era of the main characters lives that block the continuation of their love story. The main characters Romeo and Juliet, they plan to elope and their plans end up being disrupted by a family feud. The story follows a line of ‘true love’, perhaps. Lydia and Wickham in Pride and Prejudice follow a similar story line however, the social circumstances are different as Lydia finds herself in a situation of lust and childishness, following the footsteps of Wickham to elope with him. When they decided to elope, their marriage was deemed socially inappropriate as they were not properly married.

I believe that the common theme of these works is individual vs. society. They both represent a recurrent theme of a battle against their own wants and social standards of the times these books took place in.

Thomas Ford Post


The theme present in both works are gods of the sea influencing control of water. The sea horses are part of both the works. The Trevi fountain has tritons in comparison to the nereids in Neptune’s fountain.

In the Neptune fountain sculpture shows King Neptune Italian mythology see god, linked in comparison to Poseidon the sea god in Greek mythology. Neptune appears to be fighting with a large octopus. This also has sea horses bucking in the water. These horses are the head of a horse and the body of a fish. There are nereids (sea nymphs and what appears to be cupids around the fountain either trying to control the sea horse or helping Neptune by subduing the armed tentacle of the octopus.

In the Trevi Fountain the sculpture work of art is Greek mythology and water being controlled. I have come to this conclusion because of the sculpture of the Greek god Oceanus at its center. Also, to support this theme is the chariot with the sea horses and grouped with tritons. All surrounded by water that is fed to fountain from an ancient aqueduct.

Oceanus is set above the water as a ‘god” would be above all others, and the sea horses are pulling his chariot. The tritons appear to be guiding and or controlling the sea horse.

RESPOND TO THE NEXT TWO Peers.  How would you have responded to your peers’ influences if you were in their shoes? Cite passages from the textbook Social Psychology 13 edition to support your responses.

Marissa Post


  • In what ways has your self-esteem been affected over the course of your life?

Well I will start from when I was a child I was sexually abused by a family member for years, I told my grandmother when I was 9 she was the first person I told and she called me a liar and did not believe me. This affected me and my self esteem that I wasn’t worth anything that I must have done something to deserve this. Then I was also abused mentally and physically when I was living with my dad by my stepmom and at times my dad. I was made to believe I was always doing things wrong, that I was stupid and never would amount to anything. School wasn’t a refuge either because I was always teased being called ugly or a boy thanks to my stepmom always keeping my hair cut short and making me wear baggy hand me down clothes. Not to mention my mom died when I was 4 2 days before Christmas so my maternal grandparents were awarded visitation, that is where the sexual abuse occurred by a older step sibling and it was that grandmother that called me a liar.

Tiffany Post

My self esteem has struggled throughout my life. My high school relationships, I always got cheated on and it made me think something was wrong with me. I started to doubt myself, my looks, my personality. I would see other girls being called beautiful, and what also didn’t help I would get teased because I didn’t have as much money as some of the other girls, so my clothes weren’t name brand.Once I met my husband he changed those worries. Although it took me longer than expected to trust him because of my past relationships. We made it and now i couldn’t be happier. I have imperfections lie my stomach from having 3 children, but I have learned that not everybody’s body is perfect. Life changes and so does people. My husband even got it to where my kids tell me I’m beautiful as well from seeing him say it so much. My husband and kids are the factors that influence my great self esteem now.

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