In response to Bethany and Krista post, state how the uses of statistics

In response to Bethany and Krista post, state how the uses of statistics they mentioned are helpful in the contexts described. For example, you could discuss why alternative ways of communicating information would not work as well.


Statistics does not come naturally to my brain. It feels like reading a different language but after going through a previous statistics class, I understand its value. Statistics helps us categorize, organize and predict trends and data so we can better understand a specific trajectory. In this case of psychology, it is important to be able to collect data in order to understand patterns so we may be able to help people, or simply understand people more effectively.

An example of statistics that I have experienced in my life would be when I started dabbling in the stock market. Reviewing the graphed trends of a certain business’ success helps me determine if that business would be worth investing my money into. The app that I must track my own investment success creates a growth chart of my own, so I can track my patterns as well. It is a great visual representation of my progress and helps me make a better educated decision on how to move forward.

Krista post

Statistics is important in Psychology in regards to having evident data to understand any given researched subject. For example, statistics has given us useful general information about how anxiety disorders affect the American population. “Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the U.S., affecting 40 million adults in the United States age 18 and older, or 18.1% of the population every year…” (ADAA, 2021).

A personal experience with statistics is, as a new mom, I’m always thinking about if my son is developmentally on track so that I can best support his needs. Luckily, I see a pediatrician that regularly provides me with research and the related statistics to understand how my child is doing in a more comprehensible way.

Discussion 1

Explain the importance of small businesses to the American economy. Especially during this difficult times understanding small business is important. (175 words)

  1. Why do we need small businesses in our current economic condition? Be specific. (5 pts)
  2. What 1-2 characteristics can you think of that a small business owner should develop in order to be successful during this time? (5 pts)
  3. Identify 1-2 characteristics or skills that business owners need and that you may want to develop as a successful student earning a degree? Be SPECIFIC (5 pts)
  4. Use the citation generator to help you learn how to include an APA citation. Please include as APA citations at bottom of post. Remember not more than 19% may come from another source. Include the article title and the hyperlink. Use the chain in the toolbar as you write. (5 pts)

Discussion 2

  • Which field of natural science interests you the most and why?
  • Is this field related to the issue that you chose to research for your project?


Response to Nathan and Michael post, explain why you agree or disagree with their points of view. Remember to be respectful as you post and respond to others.

Nathan post

During this course, I hope to learn more about natural sciences, what they are, and how they relate to our everyday lives as well as gain more confidence around the subject as well. Science has never been my best subject, but I am hoping through this course I will become more comfortable with the topic.

The field of natural sciences that interests me most is environmental science. Personally, I believe in climate change and I like to be aware of the things that are happening around me. I feel as though through understanding environmental science, I can apply what I learn to what I see happening in our world today regarding climate change.

The field I chose to research for my project was electric cars. I believe that electric cars and climate change / environmental science are related. The pollution released from vehicles does not exactly help climate change, so I believe there to be some relation between the two.

Michael post

Hello! My name is Michael Bradle. I’m originally from North Carolina but I’m currently in Hawaii for the US Military. My major is in communications and public relations. I hope that this course will be a refresher on scientific disciplines. The field of science that interests me is astronomy. I find it incredibly fascinating to see the world outside of our own and often fantasize about the possibility of life of on other planets. Unfortunately this field is unrelated to the chosen issue for my project, which was the commercial use of nuclear power to generate electricity.

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