In each of the following dilemmas, use the Welfel (2016) ethical decision making

In each of the following dilemmas, use the Welfel (2016) ethical decision making model to address the situation to come up with a plan. Make sure that you review the following references while writing up the paper.

Mandatory references

  • American      Counseling Association (2014). ACA Code of Ethics. Alexandria, VA: Author. (Links to      an external site.)
  • Welfel,      E.R. (2016). A Model for Ethical Practice: Using Resources to Enhance      Individual Judgment and Ethical Resolve.

Please discuss supplemental references (additional codes, laws, book chapters, etc.) with your instructor prior to including in your paper.

Case #1:

You are an intern at an outpatient center where juveniles have been mandated by court to receive your services, which include psycho-education on anger and stress management to clients from diverse backgrounds and socioeconomic status. You have employed all of the strategies that you were taught in graduate school, researched the topics, and tried to consult with your supervisor regularly. However, your supervisor always tells you that you are doing fine and supervision is not needed because you are doing such a good job. Your supervisor does not even listen to you when you have questions and does not appear to be monitoring the client’s progress. You are not licensed as a counselor, but want to be licensed in your state, so you need the appropriate forms signed by your supervisor, which indicate that you completed your hours and required supervision. You have questions about what you are doing, especially since your clients have world views different than yourself.

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