In a 2-3 page paper, Describe the strategy (assigned in Week 7) you implemented in your Group Project. 

In a 2-3 page paper, Describe the strategy (assigned in Week 7) you implemented in your Group Project.

Assigned in Week 7, the strategy I implemented in my Group Project is:

The major strategy is to coach the team members on behavioral improvement, communication, and thinking abilities to generate better ideas and deliver the group work effectively. Therefore, the strategy should be one of the foremost issues in the planning stage to have all group members understand what is expected of them and how to deliver success for the group. Mutual respect, effective communication, setting goals, and planning whenever there is a task to be completed make it possible for the group to perform better by invoking the creativity of every member in the discourse (Drumm, 2006). The training and group coaching must be prefaced with a Training Needs Analysis to address the needs of every individual member in the group.

Describe the process and the level of difficulty/comfort you found in doing this Assignment.

Explain how this strategy may or may not have empowered or supported the group. Describe the progress of the group in completing the project/goal.

Running heads are not to be on the paper.

Make sure paper is in APA 7 formatting.

Make sure paragraphs are indented and aligned to the left.

Make sure the paper is Zero percent plagiarism.

Please provide a reference page and references throughout the paper.

Please use the following references for this assignment:


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My experience have been great so far in starting the Group Wiki Project. Me and my group members work collectively as a team. One of the group members are in Japan and which she is in a different time zone from the other group members. However, as a group we manage to meet weekly that is comfortable for everyone schedule. We meet weekly on Thursdays at 6:30 PM Eastern Standard Time Zone. My group makes me very comfortable to work with. Everyone in the group does their part and makes the group collaboration even more comfortable. Everyone in the group works collectively and put in 100 percent effort. Also, the professor assigned the groups and members within the groups. There has been no arguments in the group or misunderstandings. Overall, my group have been phenomenal and outstanding.

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