Identify the role you selected for yourself and the child age you selected.

Identify the role you selected for yourself and the child age you selected. Explain at least two specific ways you would advise the child/adolescent who felt bullied on social media. Include talking points or specific actions that the child could take. Frame your approach within the research of peer relationships and social and emotional development. Explain how you would account for culture and gender in the approach you take.

For the purpose of this discussion, I have chosen to take on the role of a teacher and the youth will be a 12-year-old female.

Adolescent youth have an increased focus on peer relationships and worry about the acceptance from peers. One study found that many youths feel that bullying is a normal part of adolescence (Guerra, Williams, & Sadek, 2011). The same study found that females were more likely to engage in emotional bullying while males were more likely to engage in physical bullying and victimization (Guerra, Williams, & Sadek, 2011).

To mitigate bullying, first and foremost, when the youth explains to me that she is being bullied, I’ll assess to make sure there are no immediate safety concerns. I would recommend that the youth talk with his or her parents and other potential adults that could assist the youth on being safe at home. I would encourage the youth to disengage from any contact with the offenders. I would have the child and family engage in any programs that are offered at the school or in the community that will help educate the youth and family more on identifying and reducing bullying.

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