I need help with Psychosocial Development Paper. Please if you are not expert with psychology

I need help with Psychosocial Development Paper. Please if you are not expert with psychology, do not get this. And you should be welcome for any changing if there are something need in the paper.

Here is the requirement in the syllabus:

Psychosocial Development Paper:
Erik Erikson’s “The Eight Stages of Man” model is a theoretical model of the life cycle. Demonstrate a rich, full understanding of the model by applying it to yourself, from Stage 1 to Stage 8 (approximately 6 pages). Obviously we do not recall our birth, very early life, and cannot predetermine our later and final life stages; you will need to seek examples from current stages to assume how you navigated early stages and then project how you may process future stages based on past and current navigations. Please conclude your work with a section (approximately 2 pages) on how this paper helped you understand the developmental perspective, and how this will inform your future work in therapy. The estimated page length for this assignment is 8 pages, not including cover page and references.


I need 8 complete pages not by counting words

You will not need to use any out resource in the part that showing how I gain the basic strength because it is depends on self.

I will attach the PowerPoint that help you understand the eight stages


in this paper you need to use the verb( I) except in the introduction do not need that

I need introduction 5-6 sentence

Then, it need to show that (I )get the basic strength in each stage by looking to self-experience for the past, and the expect for the future.

Third, need to explain how this paper help me understand the developmental perspective, and how will this inform me as a therapist (psychological therapist)

More explanation for the paper:- 

In the first stage we can look for my personality now and see if I get hope.

For stage one sure I can’t remember but I can look to myself know that I have hope, and trust. ( I have one example for me to get hope that I study English language as a second language , I study the English language in San Francisco State University , and I am graduate student in the US).

For the stage 2,3,4,5 it can dependent on memory and now personality and self.

For stage 6 ,I have intimate relationship with my husband. it is impossible to have intimation before marriage for my religion as a Muslim and culture as an Arab. I get marry when I was 18 years old.

For the stage 7-8 it will be an expectations depends on my life.

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