I have attached the guideline and an example. Please don’t plagiarise

I have attached the guideline and an example. Please don’t plagiarise.


During this course, you have prepared for your Final Project by conducting an interview with a family to assess family processes and development. You used the questions from the Final Project Guidelines document to obtain information about family chronology, patterns, rules, and boundaries, and the strengths of this family’s functional systems.

Note: Remember to create a fictional name for the family that you interview, to maintain their anonymity and confidentiality.

Your Final Project paper should present a description of the family system, the patterns and dynamics through which it functions, as well as your ideas on how this family could best be supported in counseling, should the need arise. Include elements from the following interview data to support and illustrate your description and your ideas:

  • Family chronology (members, ages, significant family events, length of relationships, and recent expansion or contraction of the family system)
  • Family rules, roles, boundaries, expectations, cultural and ethnic influences, spiritual or religious background, community involvement, and personal interests
  • The family’s strengths and how concepts related to wellness could be incorporated in supporting this family. Determine who you would include in couples or family counseling sessions if you were to see this family as a client, and justify your response
  • The family’s current life cycle stage(s) and family functioning styles, patterns and quality. Which family assessments might you use if you were this family’s counselor?

Interview data can be collected however you see fit. Audio recording is often helpful, but taking detailed notes works just as well for some. You are not required to submit interview transcripts.

The paper will be assessed according to the prescribed Assignment and Final Project rubric, located in the Course Information area of the course navigation menu. Particular assessment and grading attention will be given to your discussion of the relevant stages, interactions, developmental and systemic elements of the family life cycle, as well as the varying family structural forms, socio-cultural contexts and developmental challenges relevant to the family.

Please be sure to include at least 5 scholarly resources to support your work. Resources should include, at minimum, the course text and four peer reviewed journal articles. As you gather your interview data, conceptualize that information according to the concepts we have learned throughout the quarter. Refer to the final project rubric for specific grading criteria.

Submit your Family Interview Project paper by Day 7.

Papers should be completed in APA format in 10–12 double-spaced pages, not including any title or reference pages.

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