How would 2 transformational & one participative leadership styles/theories

How would 2 transformational & one participative leadership styles/theories work with each other to convince the hospital CEO we can work effectively together with the following scenario…

Your Emergency Room Department has been short staffed for the last quarter. Patient satisfa Scores are dropping at a drastic rate (from 9 out of 10 to 6 out of 10). Employee morale is also at an all-time low. The Human Resources department has decided to form teams in the ER. However, there are a lot of varying personalities & some people are worried that their leadership style is not going to “mesh” well with others.

THE SLIDES SHOULD ONLY BE BULLET POINTS-total of 9 slides not including Title slide & Reference Slide

The following are slides from the group…

Transformational leadership style:

■Transformational Leadership style is useful for the motivation and the development of the employees (White, 2018).

■As most of the employees have quite a low moral in the teams, my leadership style, which is the transformational style will work wonders with the current employee morale.

■My leadership style will be quite useful for the co-operation of varying personalities found within the teams of nursing experts.

2nd slide

OF The Five Big Personality Traits that make me a leader:

• Openness: Embraced challenges and imaginative

• Conscientious: detail oriented, reliable and spontaneous

• Neurotic: resilient and confident

• Agreeableness: Empathetic, Independent and Straight forward.

• Extroversion: I consider myself to be very Assertive, Opinionated, and Adventurous

(I like to lead by being an example and by encouraging people to unleash their potential)

3rd Slide

• My leadership style is transformational

• Transformational leaders are more of a democratic leadership style

• It makes for greater collaboration because it is more beneficial for group performances overall (T. Judge and R. Piccolo, 2004).

• Communicating a vision, keeping up morale and maintaining a positive attitude

• I plan to lead my team members by supporting and encouraging their creativity through ingenuity and inspiration.

4th slide

• Differences in personality and leadership style would be navigated through:

• Playing  up each persons greatest qualities

• Through support and encouragement, I would nurture each person’s creativity and individuality


Big Five Personality Characteristics

• Conscientiousness

o Well organized

o Responsible

o Reliable

• Openness to experience

o Adventurous

o Imaginative

Slide 3:

Participative leadership style

• Detail oriented while allowing others to add their input.

• Ability to collaborate, among others.

• Encourage all participates in a cohesive manner.

Slide 4:

How to navigate personality & leadership style differences as a team

• Allow & encourage all members to participate.

• Willing to organize & deliver in a timely manner.

• Ability to make decisions while thinking of future needs.

• If necessary, willing to take affirmative actions to get the job completed effectively & safely.


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“Transformational and Transactional Leadership,” Journal of Applied Psychology 89 (2004), pp. 755

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