Hello everyone.  My name is Meagan Robertson.  I am a young stay-at-home mom and a wife

Hello everyone.  My name is Meagan Robertson.  I am a young stay-at-home mom and a wife.  I am a transfer student from the University of South Florida and am looking to complete my bachelors degree within a years time from AMU.  I am married to a man in the Navy.  We have a 2 year old daughter and a dog named Buddy.  We currently live in Norfolk, Virginia, but I am originally from a small town on the water in Florida.  I am used to always being near the ocean and luckily, no matter where the Navy takes us, we will always be a short drive away from a coastline.  My goal is to become a military psychologist.  By this I mean that I would like to work with military personnel on their mental health while they are active duty.  I have taken a personal interest in not just treating our military after their mental health has deteriorated, but helping them to stay healthy from the beginning of their careers.  I would like to focus on trainees and creating a training program for soldiers to better prepare them for the emotional traumas they will endure, and to hopefully better arm their minds so they do not require treatment after they leave the military.  This course centers around a very interesting part of psychology to me, our personalities.  Everyone has a little different mix of personality that makes them unique and I am interested to discover how psychologists have categorized each personality trait and how they have studied each trait individually.  I also look forward to seeing how these findings can be used in a practical environment and maybe help me in my own goals as a psychologist.

I think the most interesting part of my personality is my natural ability to stay positive and happy.  Many people experience things throughout their life and allow those experiences to have a negative impact on their personality and how they view the world.  I wouldn’t say that I am always optimistic, but I do make the most of what I have in front of me and choose to smile through it.  I know that not everyone has the same outlook.  I am interested to learn what kind of personality type I have and what that means about me.  I am also interested to see why I have a different mind set than others.


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Hello class,

I am Adoria Terrell. I am 24 years old. I have a beautiful 7 year old daughter named Aaliysha (Ali is her nickname) and an amazing husband named John (actually calling him amazing would be an understatement). My husband and I both serve in the U.S. Army. We both have been doing so for the past 6 years. I am currently stationed in Washington state at Joint Base Lewis McChord. But will soon be transitioning to Fort Sam Houston Texas on PCS orders in about 2 weeks. We are extremely excited about this move. I am originally from Georgia and was stationed in Texas prior to being stationed in Washington so Texas is like my second home. I am pursuing a bachelor’s degree in psychology so I’m hoping this course will assist me in understanding personalities, how they are developed and also how to deal with different personality types. Soon after obtaining my bachelor’s degree I plan to apply for the Army’s Masters of Social Work program that is also based a Fort Sam Houston. Through this program I will obtain my master’s degree and also become a commissioned officer (currently an NCO). I’m eager to gain as much knowledge and experience as possible through this program. Eventually I would move forward and obtain my Psy.D but I still have a long way to go prior to that. I just have to stay focused and I will do well. I just spoke a lot about my academic interests so I will speak a little on my non-academic interests. I am really big on family and spending time with them. I am also a huge gym junkie; going to the gym is by far one of my favorite things to do. I also like to write. The most interesting thing about my personality is that I am really positive when it comes to other people but tend to be negative when it comes to myself.


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Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening Everyone,

My name is Sierra. I am 24 years old and I am currently Stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina in the 82nd Division in the 82nd Sustainment Brigade. I have only been in my current unit for 3 months. I have only been active duty for about 2 years now. Previously I was in the guard for 2. My first duty station on active duty was overseas in Korea and I liked it very much. While I was in Korea I got a serious injury from the field in which I had to get surgery. I tore my ACL, and Meniscus, had a small fracture to my patella, and small damage to my PCL. I had my surgery 2 months after I returned from Korea. I didn’t have surgery in Korea because I was close to PCSing and it was recommended that I be around family. North Carolina is my home of record and with Ft. Bragg being my new duty station it seemed to be the right thing to do. I have been told that it will take a year to fully recover so here I am recovering. I am still on active duty status however I have been very limited to what I can do. I am only in month 2 of my recovery so this will be a tough journey. My Brigade is currently in the field and should return in about 2 days. I am in rear d and don’t normally get off until around 8pm which sucks because I am in school. The time should change back to normal once everyone returns to the field. I use to be a cross country runner before my injury. I love to read books and learning new things. I like applying what I have learned to my life. I am very physically active (well I was very physically active), and I like challenges. My goals include jumping from enlisted side to Officer and working as a Social Worker after I complete my undergraduate degree in Psychology. I will put in a packet to continue to stay on active duty status while continuing my education through the army gaining a Masters entering the Army Social Work program. Specifically, I want to be a Child and Family services social worker. My family, Friends and Significant other, Co Workers, and Battle Buddies would classify my personality as someone who is dedicated to my job, responsible, resilient, a people pleaser, and kind. I would classify my personality as determined, stubborn, and caring. I believe that there are some personality traits are gained and some personality traits can be inherited. We have all heard that saying treat others as you want to be treated, from this comes kindness and generosity, these are traits that are taught threw how people are raised. The type of lifestyle a person lives can also determine traits that they may develop over time because of the people that they are around. I am very excited about this class and want to learn about where personalities come from and if they are indeed developed how I assume that they are.  I am taking this class because it is a part of my major and core curriculum requirements and because I am very interested in learning about personalities. I am looking forward to working with everyone.

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