Have you ever wondered why you behaved in a certain way? 

  • Have you ever wondered why you behaved in a certain way?  Or why you felt a certain way about a situation?  The unique ways you think, act and feel throughout your life make up your personality.  Like other areas in psychology, there are several different perspectives that attempt to explain what personality is, and how it develops in each person. This assignment requires introspection as you explore your own personality and behavior.

Part 1. Watch the following video on personality theories:

https://youtu.be/ythHWudrG80 (opens in new window)

Part 2. Thoroughly discuss the following information:

In the  paper, discuss the following:

  1. Describe which theory of personality best describes your behavior.  This will require an understanding of the different theories as well as an honest evaluation of your personality and the experiences and/or biological influences that may have helped shape it.
  2. Why did you chose that theory?  Give examples that support your choice.
  3. Do you believe personality is biological in nature or learned?  Why?

Important guidelines to follow:

Write at least a 300-word, well-developed and well-written response.  Use APA Formatting Guide to create accurate citations and documentation to give credit for any resource material used in your response. Your assignment is due November 19 in class.

Grading Criteria

To maximize your score, you must follow directions.

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