Great Executive Coaches are much like artists in that they utilize insight

Great Executive Coaches are much like artists in that they utilize insight and vision. While the artist may produce an award winning piece of art, the Executive Coach may transform a failing business, build community among employees, and/or significantly increase revenue of an organization—all by working with individuals and teams to help them operate more effectively. It may be difficult for both the artist and the coach to see the full potential of his or her work until it is complete. In some cases, the results are not seen until long after completion. Executive coaching is a learned behavior and takes time, dedication, and effort to fully develop. To achieve their end goal, Executive Coaches must learn key competencies, guiding principles, and best practices of their profession. They must also be open to feedback from the individuals and teams they work with.

Write a 6-7 page paper (excluding title and reference pages), addressing all of the following:

  • Clearly define executive coaching.
  • Describe how executive coaching differs from counseling.
  • Delineate the guiding principles of executive coaching.
  • Identify at least one best practice of executive coaching.
  • Comment on the statement, “A coach must always be willing to learn from his/her player.”
  • Describe the key competencies needed to be successful in the field of executive coaching.
  • Discuss the benefits for organizations that utilize Executive Coaches.

Use a minimum of three sources in addition to required course readings.

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