Go over the Final Paper draft and complete the Final Paper for submission

Go over the Final Paper draft and complete the Final Paper for submission.

Your paper should be on one of the following three topics:

  • Applying Social Psychology in the Clinic;

Do the following.

  • Introduce the topic of Applying Social Psychology you have chosen and introduce each sub-topic you will cover within the topic.
  • Describe the application of social psychology by  sub-topic.
  • Evaluate the applications of social psychology presented.
  • Describe  ways in which applying social psychology you have described can be helpful to you or others.


  • Create the paper in the “APA Interactive Paper Template Including Reference Section”.
  • Put each of these under one of the 4 “Put Subtitle Here” sections of the APA template.
  • For the abstract in the template indicate the paper will do the 4 things above.
  • Cite the textbook and 3 additional resources  within the paper when using information from them. Use APA citing style.
  • For help with the APA citing style if needed see Taylor, D. (2017, May 4). In-Text Citations Made Easy. Retrieved from  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LbyJdMz-Ato
  • Complete the reference section with the sources you cite. Complete it in APA style.
  • For help with completing the reference section, watch the video Jones, B., & Hurley, G. (2012, September 10). Purdue OWL: APA Formatting: Reference List Basics. Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HpAOi8-WUY4


  • Your paper should be approximately 2500-3700 words in length (typically, ten or more double-spaced pages), not counting cover page, reference list page, appendices, figures, or tables.
  • Your assignment should include a title page and a reference list page, and be completed in Times New Roman 12-point font, double-spaced, with appropriate header, page numbers, one-inch margins, and meet all other requirements of APA Stylebook.
  • Please use at least two appropriate scholarly references formatted in the most current APA format.
  • An abstract is not required.
  • Please refer to the rubric associated with this assignment for detailed guidance about expectations and grading.
  • Please submit this assignment through D2L by 11:59PM Central Time on Sunday.

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