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*Refer to “How to” ppt under the READ THESE FIRST block for posting instructions

Forums will be open and visible to students starting the first day of class. The forum will be invisible to students the moment the due date has passed.
Students MUST upload their first paragraph and wait 30 minutes before being able to see other students’ posts to respond. It is Recommended you approach Discussions in the Following way:
Make sure to do adequate research starting on Monday.
Go through Multiple drafts of original Post
Get initial post on forum by Wednesday at noon.
Choose a post to craft a response for.
Refer to week’s research to inform your Response Post
Get response Post up by 11:50pm, 10 minutes before Midnight on Sunday
*Teacher Expects all students to have a Response Post to their original post*


Think of your favorite music artist. Explain who they are, the genre of music they perform, and explain whether you consider this artist to be “original” or not.
Include a link to at least one song written and performed by the artist.
Include a link to at least one song that was NOT written by the artist, but they performed it.
Then, watch the documentary link below and explain again (citing specific points of argument/quotes from the documentary) why you do or do not think your artist is “original”.
Documentary –


Damien Hurst is a British visual artist whose work spans decades. Look at his retrospective and his artist statements of both two dimensional and three dimensional work. Identify what the “main idea/inspiration” of his two dimensional work is, then the “main idea/inspiration” of his three dimensional work.
Then explain which work (2D or 3D) is communicating the idea more efficiently to you. Explain why and site specific pieces to support your point.
Video Interview at retrospective:
More pictures of his work:


Watch the Video Below and Address the following question:
Are Doris Slacedo’s Public works benefiting her audience? Explain why or why not. Be sure to consider who she considers to be her audience. Is that audience local or foreign? Does the audience benefit monetarily from her work, emotionally, or some other way? Give specific examples and a picture of which piece you are referring to in the post.


Discuss at the last place you worked, what was the architecture like? Was the space made of natural materials? Was it an open, spacious layout or cramped? How did that effect you while working there? (Include a minimum of 5 images of similar materials/ textures or similar buildings to that of your workplace. You can find google image search if you need to)
Now watch this-> TED talk on Architecture:

In the Response Post to another student, explain with the Principles of Design from the Architecture section of your book which 2 principles were most lacking in that work space, which 2 were most efficient, and the first 2 changes you would make if you were the architect for that work space.

Beethoven’s fifth symphony (Proms 2012)
Walter Murphy’s “A Fifth of Beethoven”

Listen to these two pieces of music. Consider each of these songs broken down into the elements and principles of music. What are their instrumentations, tempos, cadences, musical texture etc. Now consider the following scenario:
A classical music concert is held and livestreamed at the local symphony society. They cover many classical works by different composers. Walter Murphy’s “A Fifth of Beethoven” is played at this concert.
Was it inappropriate to include Murphy’s composition in the concert? Why or why not?

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