For this discussion, you are to create a two-page transcript of a hypothetical counseling interaction, including the skills

For this discussion, you are to create a two-page transcript of a hypothetical counseling interaction, including the skills of reflectionparaphrase, and summarization, in order to practice adapting skills and techniques for use with children.

Imagine that you are a counselor creating a transcript from a recent session. When creating your transcript, adhere to the following:

·       Choose either a child or an adolescent. You may wish to use the client you created for your background sketch in Unit 1.

·       Begin by writing a one- or two-sentence narrative indicating the issue being discussed, such as concerns about schoolwork, sadness about a lost pet, or anger about getting grounded.

·       Complete a counseling transcript, using the instructions below.

o   Each comment or question by a counselor must have the skill and counselor purpose or counselor intention clearly identified.

o   Use a range of skills from the list of Universal Counseling Skills, on pages 84–85, in Counseling Children.

Take a few minutes to carefully examine the example of a transcript and transcription instructions below and in the Counseling Transcript Template, linked in Resources. Then, develop your own transcript. Be sure to follow the instructions. Upload your completed transcript to the discussion.

4.    Counseling Transcripts should have three columns.

0.    The left-most column designates who was speaking—the client or the counselor.

1.    The center column depicts what was said.

2.    The third column labels the skill that the counselor used and the counselor’s intentions [in brackets].

3.    The skill should come from the list of Universal Counseling Skills in Counseling Children, pages 84–85.

4.    The intention should apply one of the Purposes listed in the text’s table to the interaction with the client.

5.    Each talk turn should be on its own row.

6.    You may use the template linked in Resources after deleting the instructions, or create your own form that meets Specifications 1 and 2. Add more rows if necessary.

7.    Your transcript should be no more than 2 pages long.

8.    Please be sure to cite two sources in this discussion. You may cite them in the third column to indicate what sources you used to identify the universal skills you used.

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