For this discussion, choose two of the four assigned articles this week

For this discussion, choose two of the four assigned articles this week – reading them very carefully. After reading the two articles, articles are down below,

1. Identify three (3) take-aways from each of the two articles you choose. A take-away is something you deem to be a highlight of the article or something that is especially noteworthy or interesting about the article. 

In this case, you will have three take-aways from one article and three take-aways from the second article – giving you a total of six. 

2. Following the discussion rules and guidelines, share in detail what those take-aways are.

“Initial” posts in response to the topic instructions include (1) documentation of factual information to support opinions, including use of assigned readings in responding to questions, (2) demonstrating the ability to synthesize information, critically analyze and elaborate on the course material in a focused and well organized manner, and (3) clearly showing that the post author has made meaning of the material rather than merely reiterating what a published author or classmate has already stated. Posts are a balance of professional dialog style and grounding in scholarly information rather than essay submissions.
Posts are a minimum of 400 words in length, as well as correct spelling and grammar, and contains no texting, slang or other informal conversation style language.

3. Be sure to respond to your peers’ posts, following all discussion rules and guidelines

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