For this assignment you will do a mini-report on a topic of your choice.

For this assignment you will do a mini-report on a topic of your choice. We are doing this first so we can do an assignment later in the week discussing the reports you make. There are so many interesting topic choices within biopsychology and we are so limited with time in the quarter.

1. Choose one topic from the possibilities below and read the module from the textbook that goes with the topic.

Topic                                  Module

Research Methods                    3.3 (4.3 in 11th edition)

Development of the Brain          4.2 (5.1 in 11th edition)

Plasticity After Brain Damage    4.3 (5.2 in 11th edition)

Audition (hearing)                        6.1 (7.1 in 11th edition)

The Mechanical Senses            6.2 (7.2 in 11th edition)

(touch and pain)

The Chemical Senses                6.3 (7.3 in 11th edition)

(taste and smell)

The Control of Movement          7.1 (8.1 in 11th edition)

Brain Mechanisms of Movement 7.2 (8.2 in 11th edition)

Movement Disorders                  7.3 (8.3 in 11th edition)

(Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s Disease)

Rhythms of Waking and Sleeping    8.1 (9.1 in 11th edition)

Stages of Sleep

and Brain Mechanisms               8.2 (9.2 in 11th edition)

Why Sleep? Why REM? Why Dreams?       8.3 (9.3 in 11th edition)

Temperature Regulation          9.1 (10.1 in 11th edition)

Thirst                                         9.2 (10.2 in 11th edition)

Hunger and Eating Disorders     9.3 (10.3 in 11th edition)

Sex and Hormones                    10.1 (11.1 in 11th edition)

Variations in Sexual Behavior     10.2 (11.2 in 11th edition)

Conscious and Unconscious

Processes and Attention             13.3 (14.3 in 11th edition)

2. Use the textbook and library and online resources to learn about your topic.

3. Report on what you have learned about biopsychology from reading about that topic by posting to this discussion board. Tell us A) a short summary of what you learn B) details about the most interesting thing you learned C) how the topic relates to other topics we have covered in the class D) why you chose the topic or how the topic seems relevant to our lives. You have several options for the format of the report. Choose one of the options below:

  • Create a Powerpoint or prezi slide presentation that addresses all the requirements of the report.


  • Record a video or audio file of yourself giving the report.


Have fun with it!

Then go look at one of your classmates’ reports and reply to it making a comment about what you liked about it or what you learned from it.

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