For this assignment, you are to attend a cultural event.

For this assignment, you are to attend a cultural event.  You will go and learn from this event, and then share with me what you have learned.  Pictures of you at the event is required, but  please talk to me if the nature of your event is sacred or pictures are otherwise prohibited.   Please include a receipt if applicable. Some ideas are an Asian festival, aloha festival, a folk dance or music festival highlighting a different culture.  The list goes on and on.  Please google “cultural events” in the east valley and you may find a long list of possibilities there.  If you find an event, please share with the class all of the details of dates and times and perhaps a group of you could attend the event together.

You will write a one – two page paper on this event. You will ALSO share briefly with the class, what you saw and learned at this event.  This should be turned in on-line through canvas. IF you have any questions about a cultural event, or if a particular event is acceptable for this assignment, please ask me before attending. Also, feel free to visit the multi-cultural office in the kirk student center by the café.  They may also give you some ideas of events even held here on campus.

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