For this assignment, select a peer-reviewed journal article relating

For this assignment, select a peer-reviewed journal article relating to an area of learning or cognition (e.g., learning, memory, language, motivation, intelligence, or creativity). The article must meet the following criteria:

1.The article must be from a peer-reviewed journal.

2.The article must be a research study, rather than a literature review (i.e., the article has to have methods, results, and discussion sections).

3.The article must utilize a cognitive or behavioral theory, model, or effect (e.g., social learning, Baddely’s working memory model, misinformation effect, early filter theory).

The purpose of this article review is to get you to think critically about an area of cognition or learning. After reading your chosen article, address the following questions. Use subheadings to differentiate between the various aspects of your review.

Major Findings/Conclusions:

1.Be sure to include the major findings of the study.

2.What conclusions did the researchers draw from the data?

Implications for the Field of Psychology (how the findings could be used/applied in the field):

1.Include how the results of the study can be applied (e.g., why are the findings of the study important?). These may be the implications the authors put forth, or your own ideas (be sure to cite if they are not your ideas).

2.How would psychology/education/counseling professionals benefit (learn) from the findings?

3.How might the results improve knowledge or application in the field? What should psychology professionals “take away” from the findings?


1.Describe the basics of how the study was conducted. What procedures were used?

2.Who were the participants?

Strengths/Limitations of the Study:

1.Include at least one strength AND one limitation you saw in the study.

2.Explain why you believe each is a strength or limitation. Hint: study findings are not “strengths” in and of themselves.

The article review should be 500- words in the APA style.

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