For this  Application Assignment, review the media, “Employee Observation

For this  Application Assignment, review the media, “Employee Observation” and “Employee  Interview,” that depict the job of a middle school teacher. Use this  information to create a critical incident job analysis.


  • Laureate Education, Inc. (Executive Producer).  (2012). Employee interview. Baltimore,  MD: Author. (Review)
    Laureate Education, Inc. (Executive Producer).  (2012). Employee observation. Baltimore,  MD: Author. (Review)


Mitchell, M. (2005,  May 20). Wedding of Mary Kay Letourneau and former student shrouded in secrecy. The Seattle Times. Retrieved from

The Assignment (3–5 pages) 

Conduct a critical  incident job analysis that includes the following:

  • Provide two examples of critical incidents (one  positive and one negative) for the middle school teacher depicted in the media,  “Employee Observation.” Please do not use the incident described in the introduction  to this assignment. Also, use the news media or personal experiences to  identify critical incidents.
  • Based upon the critical incidents, identify two or  three KSAOs the employee in the media needs in order to be successful as a  middle school teacher.
  • Summarize the critical incident job analysis process  and the potential results for the employee in the media.
  • Summarize five skills that an incumbent SME needs to  possess to provide a critical incident job analysis.
  • Explain the significance of these skills.

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