For the essay , you will need to integrate a minimum of 2 sources from any or all of the three article databases

For the essay , you will need to integrate a minimum of 2 sources from any or all of the three article databases. Remember that an informative essay does not include the writer’s feelings or opinions, but simply informs the reader about the topic. It should be in MLA format and should be between 500-750 words.


Use the structure below:


  1. Introduction- Must contain Thesis Statement about Psychology Field
  2. What Psychologists do.
    1. In hospitals, Clinical Psychologists help patients who have been admitted for mental and emotional problems, as well as medical and surgical patients who need help coping with illness or injury, such as patients with chronic pain, spinal cord injuries, neurological conditions or stroke.
    2. In schools psychologists apply expertise in mental health, learning, and behavior, to help children and youth succeed academically, socially, behaviorally, and emotionally.
    3. In private practices psychologists help to ensure the health and well-being of all people. Individuals, families, groups, and society as a whole.
  3. Education Required to be a Psychologist
    1. In hospitals, Clinical Psychology careers typically require a doctorate degree.
    2. In schools psychologists usually have to have a bachelor degree.
    3. To have a private practices a masters degree in counseling psychology is required.
  4. Average Compensation for Psychologists
    1. In hospitals psychologists make an average salary of $91,810 a year.
    2. In schools counselors made an average of $56,040 as of 2014.
    3. Those working in private practice earned close to $80,760 in 2012
  5. Future job outlook for Psychologist
    1. Psychology careers are expected to grow 19% between 2014 and 2024.
  6. Conclusion



Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2016-17 Edition, Psychologists,

on the Internet at (visited December 03, 2016).

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