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For the past year you’ve been working to launch your start-up company. Now is the time for you to shareyour new businesswith prospective clients and customers using a persuasive marketingcampaign.
Your start-up company can be anything you want it to be! Your company shouldoffer a product process or service. For example you might decide to createan app for a new game an online athletic shoe store or a languagetutoring service for adults.
Your goal is tocreate a persuasive visual communication campaignusing one old school medium (flyer brochure poster newspaper advertisement etc.) and one new school medium (social media post social media cover/header blog or website graphic etc.). Use the same branding strategy to share onein two different ways.
Your persuasive marketingcampaign should include the following:
Be sure to consider the design elements such as text (including font size and type) visuals (including images charts graphs etc.) color and white space or empty space.
Important Reminder: Don’t forget to consider the audience and the medium. Your old school medium can contain more text because it is designed to be held and read by the audience. Your new school medium should contain less text because the audience will be quickly scrolling by it either on their computer tablet or mobile devices.

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